Google Android 2.2 release date and specs

by admin on April 14, 2013

As the Google I/O conference commenced earlier this month, there was debate going around as to which operating system would prove to be superior when the much heralded Apple iPhone 4.0 went up against the upcoming Android 2.2, code name Froyo!  After all 2.2 had been kept pretty much under wraps until the higher ups at Google decided to officially announced its existence at the Google I/O conference.  After the announcement, their were some demonstrations and a few lucky conference goers got to test out this new Android 2.2.  The consensus?  Watch out Apple!

Is it the reinvention of the wheel?  Not hardly, but it certainly might go a long way in dealing with some problems that have been persistent in the industry.  Now let us understand that not everything about this Froyo was given away at the conference.  There will certainly be some other things in store, but at least we do have knowledge of some aspects of the operating system and early reports are astounding.

So what is being targeted for receiving the 2.2 at this point.  Well we know for a fact now that the Nexus One is already receiving the new operating system, which is being distributed to these existing phones over the air.  If you’re an owner of a Nexus One and have not received it, it can also be secured via download from the website.  You have to assume other models in the family will not be far behind, but at this point the company has not been forthcoming with a date for things such as the HTC.  When will it actually be released in mass?  Best guess seems to be some time in June giving announcements at the conference that Android 2.2 would be out in a few weeks.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is this Android 2.2 going to be so much better than iPhone 4.0?”  Well early tests and demos seem to show that the Android is testing far above the iPhone in a number of areas.  Let us take a look at the speed factor for one.  Early reports from Google are showing that with the 2.2 loaded on a phone, their seems to be a speed increase of anywhere from 2 – 5x than that of existing technology.  However many believe that Google is being modest and that the new speed numbers are actually closer to 4 – 5x!  That is just flying.  Gone are the days when you wait for a browser window to load up or yawn as you switch pages while on your phone.  In fact some demonstrations at the conference showed

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