Apple: Each new iPhone sells as many units as all previous iPhones combined

by admin on December 24, 2012

Apple (AAPL) investors, start your engines. The latest juicy morsel to emerge from the soap opera that is San Jose, California’s Apple vs. Samsung # trial consists of a remarkable state that comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The Verge, which is actually live-blogging the trial right now, caught a great tidbit from Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller. Each time Apple releases a new version of its iPhone handset, it sells roughly as many units as all previous models combined. “Each new generation sold approximately equal to all previous generations combined,” Schiller said while testifying in court. If the trend holds up, Apple’s next fiscal year is going to be absolutely explosive. The sixth iPhone will be announced during a press conference on September 12th, and it is expected to launch on September 21st.


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