Blueant Supertooth 3 – iPhone Compatible Hands Free Car Kit

If you own an Apple iPhone then you probably know all about ‘Apps’, those small programs or applications that you can use to customise your device to let it do a whole host of things in addition to being a great mobile phone.

There are also a large number of docking stations from many different manufacturers that let you play music stored on your iPhone through external speakers, but what it is harder to find is a good hands free car kit that is dedicated to the iPhone.

Partly this is because a hands free kit will generally connect to the iPhone using Bluetooth, which means that one device will be compatible with many mobile phone types and so manufacturers have no reason to develop a device that will work specifically with the iPhone. This does not mean however that there you can not get some good car kits that work very well with the iPhone.

The Blueant Supertooth 3 is just such a device, compatible with many handsets, but with a range of excellent features to provide a safer way to use your iPhone whilst you drive.

The Supertooth 3 fixes to the visor with a magnetic clip, and then guides you through installation with voice prompts (available in 6 languages).

Blueant recommend that you update your iPhone software to the latest version, but once this has been carried out the Supertooth 3 will pair easily with your phone and copy across contacts into its memory. This will then enable it to use text to speech technology to announce callers by name. To accept the call, you need only say ‘OK’, making the call process totally hands free.

As you might expect this is the third product in the Supertooth line up and the product has developed to include the test to speech capabilities as well as features to eliminate noise and enhance the call quality.

As well as two magnetic visor clips, the package comes with a wall / travel charger. Charge time is about three hours, which gives 15 hours of talk time or 800 hours in standby.

What you can’t do with the Blueant is stream your music from the iPhone through your car stereo, but for this you would need either a wired in solution or an FM transmitter, but this should not detract from the positive call handling qualities of the Supertooth 3.