iPhone 4 – How to Make Your Battery Last Longer

There aren’t many things more frustrating than having a dead iPhone 4 battery when you need to use your phone. Running out of battery power when you are in the middle of a conversation can be even more irritating. the iPhone 4 has a decent amount of battery life, especially when compared to iPhone 3G/3GS battery. despite this improvement, you may still find yourself needing more battery life than your phone provides. Take a look at these tips that can extend the battery life of your iPhone 4.

Make sure Your Bluetooth is Off

The Bluetooth technology and capability that comes standard on all iPhones is not helpful when trying to save battery life on your phone. many iPhone owners use Bluetooth headsets with their phones because of the new laws that prevent you from talking on the phone while driving. Bluetooth headsets are great to use but it is important that you turn off the Bluetooth feature when you’re not using the headset. Make it a habit to disable your Bluetooth feature on your phone when you reach your destination. You will see a significant increase in your phone’s battery life.

Use Your Lock Button Frequently

A lot of iPhone users believe that the lock button, located on the top of your iPhone 4, is only used for locking your screen to avoid calling someone on accident. This is the button’s main purpose, but it can also be used to save your phone’s battery. Press this button after using your phone. This will automatically stop application from running and turn the screen off. just the power you will save by turning the screen off will make a large difference. This is probably the easiest way to save your battery.

iPhone Battery Accessories

If the two strategies mentioned above don’t extend your iPhone battery life enough then you can always consider buying an iPhone 4 battery case. These cases can triple the battery life of your phone and don’t require much maintenance. the cases are equipped with an additional battery that consistently feeds more battery juice to your phone. There are a few different types of battery cases for the iPhone so be sure to look at your options. Look into a traditional external battery for your phone if you don’t want to have the additional battery attached to your iPhone 4 at all times. External batteries are great because they can be stored in secure places (like a backpack or purse) and pulled out when needed.