Rogers offering $20 for iPad add-on to existing iPhone customers?

by admin on May 10, 2010

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The Apple Store for Canada is currently showing the above rates for iPad data plans, but before you get too excited, note a few things. First, Rogers’ official iPad page does not yet show any rate plan information. Second, BoyGeniusReport updated their article on this to say that “Apple has removed all traces of the $20 plan from its website,” but it is still available at the link shown. Rogers PR told BGR that the “the $20 plan was a mistake on Apple’s part.”

If this is true (and that’s a big “if” at this point), iPhone users in the USA are going to look longingly at Rogers again. Rogers earlier announced that tethering was going to continue to be free for many customers. And now it looks like they might offer some sort of a bundle deal for iPhone users?

Hey, AT&T, are you listening? This is how you treat customers when you hope to keep them, not rest on your exclusivity for as long as possible. How about you get your act together and offer tethering at a reasonable price (Not that I would expect Verizon would treat iPhone customers any better.)?

Many people will point to the “5GB per month” limitation of the Rogers plan as a step down from AT&T’s unlimited $30/month iPad plan. That’s true, but I doubt many people who pay for unlimited will use more than 5GB.

UPDATE: I re-checked at 2:45pm and Apple’s page no longer shows the $20, and Rogers’ website now shows only the $15 and $35 options. Like AT&T, these plans do not require a contract, and come with free access to Rogers’ Wi-Fi “Hot Spots.”

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