Your Wallet Is Lost! Find It Out By This Newly Developed App

Think about, we forget our wallet in office, restaurant, car or elsewhere it gets lost while walking in public, market. Don’t worry, now you have got option for this in your smartphone. Yes, a newly developed app recently is able to find your lost wallet through a chip linked with that application.

SmartWallit Pro an app comes along with a Bluetooth device which is to be inserted into your wallet. Then all you need to do is to execute that application in your smartphone and you will receive all the data about your wallet.

Data such as how much amount you have spent daily, weekly will be tracked, along with the place and time where your wallet was used last time.

This Bluetooth device is slim of about 4.2 mm and rectangular shape which looks like your credit card and is designed in such a way to fit into your wallet. It also comes with different colours such as black, blue, green, red, and pink to match with your wallet colour. This device sends an alert when your wallet goes at a distance of 9m and above away from you via loud noise ringing on your mobile phones, also you get alert message of where last your wallet was used.

This device works on iPod touch, Android devices, and iPhone devices

Some of the functions of SmartWallit apps are

Record your usage, place, time when you purchase anything with Wallet usage record function.

It will allow you to remind from time to time by I’m here function.

If you forget wallet your apps remind you and if you forget mobile your Bluetooth device reminds you by beep by two way anti lost reminder.

You can find your wallet by Find me function.

If your wallet starts to ring you can make it silent by tapping it twice through silence setting function and if you are at home where you are leaving your wallet you can switch to No disturb mode setting.

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