Smiley Face Clip Art – The Deeper Meaning

by admin on April 29, 2010

You might be surprised to know that there’s a pretty significant reason for all those pesky little smiley face clip art emoticons in your email, instant messenger, and forums. Their importance can be seen when studying psychology and communication. As it turns out, more than 90% of human to human communication is non verbal! That’s right.A lot of what we convey when communicating to others actually happens without us saying anything. Most of how you’re feeling is conveyed in your body language, posture, the tone of your voice, the gestures you make with you hands, your facial expressions,and more! When you can’t see or hear someone, in an online chat for example, smileys and emoticons attempt to take the place of that “non-verbal” communication as best as possible.

So next time you’re in an online conversation, don’t be afraid to use a couple of smiley faces  in there to add to your message. Smiley face clip art helps convey emotions and expressions which might be harder to do so without them.

The majority of IM and email programs have emoticons built right into them for easy access, but they usually only contain a very small library. For avid smiley lovers out there, there are free downloadable programs out there which allow you to download more than ten thousand smileys in a simple toolbar which you can then use in all your instant messengers, emails, social media sites like facebook and myspace, and more!The toolbar contains all types of smileys including animated smileys, 3D smileys, smileys with sound, holiday smileys, and smileys to convey any possible emotion you can think of.

I think it’s ironic how originally, humans used to communicate though the use of images and symbols (like the ancient egyptians). Then we developed language, but as we become more technologically advanced, we are in a way moving back to using symbols to communicate, in the form of smiley face clip art!

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